YouTube Debuts YouKilled, A New Streaming Service Dedicated to Videos of Police Executions


In response to the dramatic rise of footage of police murdering people of color in cold blood, YouTube has decided to dedicate an entire service, much like they did with gaming, to the art of capturing footage of police killing a friend or loved one. The split was made largely to separate the cute cats and fighting at McDonald’s videos from the ever growing library of police-centric snuff films. Youtube Chairman, Mike Stacks, said in a statement, “While YouTube is not taking an official stance on what it means that we have enough of these films to dedicate an entire channel to it, we do know that the videos are becoming popular enough that creating a separate channel was necessary both for mitigating traffic and to targeting a specific audience. Uh, but, like you know, not like the cops do with black… can I do that again? What do you mean, ‘No’?!”

Many may find the new service controversial, but any way you look at it the Internet needs somewhere to store all of these videos of police murdering people, and it was just a question of who was going to step up to the plate.