World Disgusted That Marginally Talented Female Made It Through Endless Sea of Untalented Males to Find Fame


In the entertainment world it’s common to see successful men with marginal talent make it through with nothing but determination and an uncanny knack for pushing all of the buttons that grab people’s attention. Considering the sheer number of males vying for the spotlight, it’s only reasonable that one without much talent will push through to the top, but when a woman makes it to the top without earning every last ounce of her fame she’ll come under fire from men and women alike.

Local line-cook, self-proclaimed comedy nerd and sometimes pants-wearer Jason Trebble said about the famous female, “I dunno, it’s just, like, all she does is talk about sex, you know? It’s like, come on. Grow up.” Jason then paused the interview to walk back to his station, rub his testicles on a hamburger patty and giggle while his fellow line-cooks cheered him on. “Like, that’s funny and I didn’t have to talk about vaginas or men being bad in bed or anything, ya know?”

While men may find the famous female’s talk about the sexual inadequacies of their gender intimidating, women have an entirely different problem with mediocre females becoming famous. “My friend Michelle is so much funnier than her,” Sarah Talley, a brewery owner, told us in an interview, “I just don’t get why she gets to be famous and Michelle doesn’t. Like, just the other day she had to go to the bathroom and she stood up and announced, “I’m gonna go take a wiiiiiizzzzz.” She said it just like that in the middle of the Applebee’s and it was so funny. We were all like dying from laughter. She should be the famous one.”

The one thing men and women can seemingly agree on is that women have no place being anything less than exceptional if they’re going to be in the spotlight. In the meantime, Louis CK continues to be the most famous living comedian despite his complete lack of talent, common decency, looks or interesting perspective on the human condition.

  • Truth

    Louis CK really is a trash stache human being.