White America Terrified That the Jig is Finally Up


Following the election this past Tuesday, millions of white Americans took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Grinder to express their complete disgust and shock at the election of Donald Trump, outwardly horrified by the results, claiming it was their concern for others while inwardly many of them had their own self-interest in mind.

The United States of America has always moved forward with the promise of progress while still managing to keep a good deal of its population down, compartmentalizing them into manageable sections, from the “unofficial” segregation of urban areas to the disparaging wage gap between men and women. With the last election we saw the first black man to ever take office, satiating the public’s thirst for progress for a good 8 years.

Then came the popularity of Donald Trump, a man who campaigned on every hateful platform he could unearth from the deportation of Latin Americans to the alienation of Muslims and the objectification of women, even claiming on multiple occasions that he’s at least considered having sex with his own daughter. Republicans disavowed him and liberals considered him an anomaly, someone that surely couldn’t obtain enough votes to become the next President of the United States of America. Even Donald Trump himself, so sure that he couldn’t possibly win, began claiming on television and social media that if he lost it was most likely due to a rigged election. We were all wrong.

Going from our first black President to the richest, whitest person that perhaps has ever held the Presidency, visible American progress is gong to be taking several visible steps backwards, upsetting the delicate balance of giving the country a little progress at a time while in actuality, behind the scenes, giving them little or none.

White Americans will finally be forced to choose a side; continued dominance that is no longer subtle or possible to distance themselves from or to actually enact change, to put their money where their mouths are and actually try to make things even for everyone now instead of simply promising it somewhere down the line. Now we know that “somewhere down the line” could mean “somewhere 50 years ago” as far as race-relations are concerned.

The United States of America thought that with a female President they could keep everything the way they’ve had it for this long, maybe finally move forward to Jetsons times. Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his army of right-wing conservatives thought it was time to go back to the Flinstones.

But not the vitamins. Never the vitamins.