Wheel of Fortune to Introduce New Letters to Attract Millennial Viewers

woffinalWheel of Fortune is making changes to their format in an attempt to attract a new generation of viewers. Host of the show, Pat Sajak, said, “We’re most excited about adding the Super D, which is an oversized letter D that’s twice the size of a regular D. We hope it’ll be as krunk as the mannequin challenge.” Among the other letters being added are ʢ, 5, ଊ, , the “keepin’ it 100” logo, and a mystery letter that will be revealed if any contestant guesses it correctly.

“I’m glad the show cares enough to try to get me to watch,” said millennial Jen Blamps. “I was bored of the show, already. I mean, how long can you watch people guess phrases that don’t includ Prince’s unpronounceable symbol? Forty years? I think that’s long enough. I just wish they would’ve added emojis. What is this, 2014?”

The move is not without its critics. “I don’t like it or anything else,” said Gary Josldgy. “I wanted them to add the Super T. It’s a much better letter and would attract far more millennials. I’ve been saying it for years. Two years. But the producers of the show refuse to listen to my podcast, so I might have to camp outside their house and play it on my phone.”

It remains to be seen if the move will be popular or happen, but this is the biggest change a game show has made to appeal to a new generation since The $64,000 Question was renamed to The $64,000 and Two Tickets to a Moving Picture Show Question.