We’ve Obtained the ISP Search Data of Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Donald Trump


Since the Republican Congress has made it perfectly legal for Internet Service Providers to sell people’s private information to the public, many Americans have become concerned that their own private data would be distributed to anyone that saw fit to see it. These fears, unfortunately, are entirely founded. It is now legal for your ISP to give you information to anyone, with or without your consent. Luckily, those in the White House apparently didn’t realize that “incognito mode” does not mean that their internet service provider can’t see what they’re doing, and thus they have also made it perfectly legal to release their own browser history. Which we will do now.

To dump all of their search data would be a hassle to get through, so we’ve decided to release a few small samples of the search content of a select few days.

Paul Ryan:

January 20th, 2017

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how many reps can jeremy piven do
how many reps can paul ryan do
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is mcdonalds good for building muscle

Mike Pence:

March 3rd, 2017

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non-christian man shirtless
cum on non-christian mans shirtless chests
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how to not be gay
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what does a vice president do
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will i go to hell for pretending gay people are bad when im gay and think they are good
how many reps can paul ryan do

Donald Trump:

November 8th, 2016:

how many presidents have died in office
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how many presidents were billionaires first
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