Watch The Monkees Completely DESTROY People Who Say They Monkey Around

As well all know, The Monkees have been dogged by totally baseless and hurtful rumors, and people saying that they “monkey around.” Well, they have a message for those people, and it is a doozy! Next time someone tells you the Monkees monkey around, or put people down, this will SHUT IT DOWN.


Wow, just wow.

That should shut those rumors down pretty quick! After describing how the get “the funniest looks” just for walking down the street, the Monkees make a full-throated defense of their behavior. They’re too busy singing to put anybody down! It’s that simple and this video proves it.

Remember, not a single person has corroborated an allegation of “monkeying around” with a specific time and place. Not. One. They were too busy singing,

The Monkees later follow up their assertion that they’re too busy singing, by explaining what should be obvious. They’re “just trying to be friendly.” Then they invited their critics to “come and watch them sing and play.”

Mic. Effen. Dropped.