Unimpressed with America’s New Showrunner, Fans Anxiously Await Barack Obama’s Next Project


The controversial decision to fire Barack Obama and give America to Donald Trump has been a controversial one, to say the least, but still there were many willing to give the Trump run America a chance. However, just a few short days into his stint as America‘s showrunner, most of the audience agrees that this choice was most certainly one made in error.

Much of the audience believed the last eight years of America to be some of the best it’s ever been and were quite upset with the upheaval. While this has been the case for over two hundred years, it was still difficult to say goodbye to the only showrunner they’d seen in their lifetime that had actually brought positive change to the show. From episodes focusing on LGBT rights, vastly improving healthcare and making great strides to level the playing field so that everyone had a chance to entire seasonal arcs that, while not news-grabbing, were consistent and subtle, showing the audience a level of respect that they hadn’t seen in decades, if ever. Obama’s America was one that was thoughtful, consistent and always moving forward while the new America seemed to be something entirely different. The new America, if this first week is any indication, is going to be something much more obnoxious, bombastic and attention-grabbing while lacking almost all substance. If Obama had to leave the show, many people had hoped it would be run by longtime America writer Hillary Clinton.

Clinton may not have been quite as popular as Obama, but people were confident that she at least understood the show that he was trying to make and would continue on the path she had helped him lay out. Trump, on the other hand, had no prior television experience and, if we are judging by his complete disregard for the healthcare and women’s rights storylines he’s showed in this first week, hadn’t even watched the program.

America die-hards continue to wait anxiously for any word on Obama’s next project. While¬†there aren’t any guarantees that it will be as well-received¬†as his run on America, fans are fairly certain that it will surpass the sharp nose-dive America has taken in his absence.