Trooper Pulls Over Boys In Bright White Sportscar


FERNIE, BC – Responding to some old lady’s call, classic Canadian rock band Trooper pulled over some boys in a bright white sports car, Friday.

“The car was probably stolen,” said vocalist Ramon McGuire. He then added for emphasis, “Stolen.”

“We were just driving along in the Trooper-mobile, when here they come, [the boys were] waving their arms in the air. Who did they think they [are]? And more importantly, where did they get that car?” said guitarist Brian Smith. “We had to find out, so we switched on the Trooper siren.”

“We saw lights, so we pulled over. Then the singer from Trooper just walked up to us and said ‘You boys are really rollin’.” said Jerry ‘The Garbage Man’, one of the boys in question.

Pictured, Jerry "The Garbage Man"

Pictured, Jerry “The Garbage Man”

“I told them that just because their name is Trooper, that doesn’t actually make them state troopers. They had no authority in the situation. So, they just kinda left.” said ‘Jack Of All Trades’ Stan, another of the boys.

The boys then drove off and continued honking at all the girls.

“La da da da, la da da da, da.” said McGuire in response. “La da da da, la da da da, da.”