She Was There To Sell Makeup, What Happened Next Will Make Your Day

A rare photo of Fran Fine, moments before becoming "The Nanny".

A rare photo of Fran Fine, moments before becoming “The Nanny”.

NEW YORK, NY – Wow! When local unemployed woman Fran Fine tried to sell makeup to a rich Broadway producer, she got more than she bargained for! In fact, she was hired to look after three children today, based simply on the fact that she had style, [she had] flair, and she was there, multiple sources report.

Ms. Fine had worked in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens for years, until she was thrown out by her then boyfriend in what witnesses described as “One of those crushing scenes.” Unfair!

Pictured, Ms. Fine "out on her fanny".

Pictured, Ms. Fine “out on her fanny”.

At this point, she was unsure where to go, what to do, and frankly, was out on her fanny. Luckily she made the fateful decision to go over the bridge from Flushing, to the Sheffield’s door. Her intention was to sell makeup, but the father [Max Sheffield] saw more.

“She had style, she flair, she was there,” said Mr. Sheffield. “At that point, she became ‘The Nanny.'”‘

Pictured, the very moment Fran became "The Nanny".

Pictured, the very moment Fran became “The Nanny”.

Despite her complete lack of other qualifications, things have so far turned out great. In fact, contrary to many guesses, the girl we described, was just exactly what the doctor prescribed!

The new arrangement is not without tension. The father (Sheffield) finds her beguiling. Causing his long time business partner CC (Babcock) to “watch out!”

"Watch out, CC!"

“Watch out, CC!”

This is balanced out by the fact that the kids in her charge are actually smiling, and exhibiting what can only be called “such joie de vivre”.

Whether you call her “The lady in red, when everyone else is wearing tan” or “the flashy girl from Flushing” one thing is perfectly clear. Fran Fine is now “The Nanny Named Fran.”

It just goes to show, if you have style, flair and you’re there, it will all work out!

More information will become available Wednesdays at 8PM.