“I Just Don’t See Sexism or Racism in Comedy,” Says White Male Comedian


In a shock-less turn of events, a white male expresses unfamiliarity with the struggles of anyone that wasn’t born with his colossal advantage.

Speaking with other white friends, a local white male comedian was quoted as saying, “I’m not saying they’re lying, I’m just saying that I don’t see it,” completely unaware of how fucking stupid that makes him sound, he continued, “It’s not like I’ve ever been to a show that was, like, white exclusive. Yet they have black or woman themed shows all the time! Maybe we’re the ones that should be upset?” the clueless white male said to nobody’s surprise.

Unable to see that the need for segregated shows arose from the lack of adequate bookings for comics that aren’t white males, this local moron that couldn’t possibly make it anywhere else (as if he were making it now), was further quoted as saying, “There just aren’t a lot of female comedians. How is that anyone’s fault?” as if the lack of female comedians wasn’t in itself an overarching problem with the “boys club” mentality fostered by many unfunny, Midwest white males that would never find work outside of the disgusting pocket of the likeminded trash they came from that call themselves comedians.

“If a woman is funny, I give them credit,” he said, thinking that he is “too smart” to succumb to predisposed prejudices against women being funny while making offhand jokes about the female comedians he would or would not have sex with.

“I’ve even talked to a few women about this and they totally agree with me,” the “comedian” went on to say, not realizing that people don’t have the time, energy or desire to engage with this asshole about any thoughtful discussion. This jackass doesn’t even realize that, even if they did actually agree with him, it would only be because they were lucky enough to get through the system with its gatekeepers of men like him and see their triumph as them “having what it takes” over everyone else, and doing nothing but casting a deaf ear to those that are suffering under a system that they had luckily beaten. Which is not meant to be a commentary on women turning their backs on other women, but rather the very human survivalist instinct we all have.

“I mean, I guess that maybe it’s a problem in other places. Maybe it’s more of a New York thing? I dunno,” he was quoted as saying in the middle of an open mic with over twenty performers, only two of which not white males.

“I guess I just don’t see what the problem is.”

  • Said Abed

    This is the worst article in the history of life.
    To the author, please stop whatever you think you’re doing.
    You’re not adding any value to society.