Nintendo Teams Up With Sun Chips To Release ‘Pre Gunked’ Controller

Just when you thought this E3 couldn’t get any better, Nintendo has one more huge announcement! They’re announced a new custom controller that comes pre-stained with Sun Chip gunk.

“We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Sun Chips,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils Aime, gingerly holding a stained, discolored controller. “Each controller comes pre-coated in bags of Sun Chip crumbs, that human hands turn into thick, orange grease, using our patented GunkPro technology. This is a new, crusty way to play!”

“It used to take years to gunk up a controller like that.” said IGN editor Jacob Reynolds. “To get it that way out of the box is a huge time saver. Looks like the Big N has done it again!”

The new gunked up controllers come with a host of new features, including sticky, unresponsive buttons, sluggish greasy joysticks, and come in both French Onion and Harvest Cheddar varieties and will retail at 70 USD.

“No amount of hand sanitizer can wipe away this thin film of fun!” said Reggie. “The Sun Chip GunkPro is caked on and here to stay.”

Not to be outdone, as of press time, Sony Playstation has announced they are in talks with Doritos.