Next Entry in the Fast and the Furious Franchise Going Straight to Coloring Book


One of Hollywood’s longest, highest grossing and most critically lauded series of all time is getting yet another sequel, but this time things for Vin and the gang are going to be a little different as they’re going to have to do all their car stealing, driving, and dancing around the idea of having intercourse while stealing and driving cars from the pages of a 75-page coloring book aimed at young adults that love to color and hate the Man.

This of course isn’t the first time a studio has experimented with putting a film out on a format other than the theater first. Several Disney sequels and Home Alone’s have gone straight to video as opposed to almost certainly either under-performing at the box office or simply failing to the reach the critical acclaim of the original. Honey, I Shrunk Something or Other was a notorious flop, but it would have only been all the more damning had it come out in the theaters instead of only shown in prison camps. The idea of releasing a property on something other than the medium it began on certainly isn’t a new one, but what may be unprecedented in this case is the medium chosen; a coloring book rated all ages.

Considering the subject matter of the first seven films, many fear that a coloring book will not have what people come to a Fast and the Furious movie for. People go to see Vin, The Rock, probably somebody from Breaking Bad and that one guy steal cars, drive them and possibly have sex with women that are a good twenty years younger than them. How the creators of this all ages coloring book are able to accomplish this I couldn’t tell you, though I sincerely hope they pull it off. There are a lot of people out there counting and Vin and the gang to distract them from their horribly dull lives where they’re too frightened and/or weak to steal cars, drive them and possibly have sex and too stupid to figure out how video games work.

The coloring book is set to arrive in stores this fall.