Netflix Holds Advance Screening of Unannounced Original Series “Parker’s Pals”


On the heels of the success of shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix have teamed up to bring us Parker’s Pals, a look into the lives of some of Peter Parker’s more colorful acquaintances. Tonight a select few were allowed to see the pilot and give our impressions:

Starring his ex-mailman Hank, his current landlord Phillis, the guy that helped him fix a tire once and a cameo from Aunt May, some are saying that Parker’s Pals is the fresh take that the superhero genre desperately needed. Hank and Phillis decide to get together and start a book club after they meet at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and Hank invites the guy that helped Peter fix a tire once. Soon enough they get to talking and realize that they all through a series of random circumstances know Peter Parker and decide to call their book club, “Parker’s Pals.”

While many films and television shows within the superhero genre focus on morality and the endurance of the human spirit against those forces it perceives as evil, Parker’s Pals focuses on some friends hanging out, eating chips and complaining about how they can’t seem to convince anyone to have sex with them.

While Aunt May apparently won’t be a longtime cast member, her cameo was a welcome addition as far as adding the sense that this was connected to a living, breathing Marvel universe. The twelve minute scene where she can’t seem to stop farting whenever someone mentions Spider-Man was a bit much for many, but it was a necessary evil as far as conveying to the audience that Aunt May might know a little more about Peter Parker than meets the eye.

As far as casting is concerned it seems to be top notch. With Amy Sedaris playing Aunt May, Jon Hamm to playing the guy that helped Peter Parker fix his tire once and Nathan Lane as Hank, there’s hardly a negative thing to say about the performances. Even the landlord, played by Laura Dern, is a treat, despite her insistence that whenever she’s acting in a scene with a dog she insists that the animal’s eyes be covered by something, whether it’s sunglasses or a small piece of masking tape as she believes that some dogs are controlled by their masters through the eyes.

While Marvel and Netflix is understandably being very tight-lipped about whether or not our favorite wall-crawler will appear in the show, we would be surprised if he didn’t make a cameo at least as Peter Parker in the first season, given the show’s title and the longstanding contracts detailing exactly that.

We can all look forward to Parker’s Pals this fall.

  • Dave Herndon

    It’s better than Batman v. Superman.

  • Killer Tacos

    People’s ideas just keep getting weirder and weirder, it would’ve been cool to have the actual Aunt May from MCU playing Aunt May in here, but I understand that it would’ve been difficult because of licensing etc.

    • Dave Herndon

      You realize it’s a joke right?

      • JAS84

        Since when is March 28th April Fools Day? 😛

        • Dave Herndon

          Who said anything about April Fool’s Day? Everything on this site is a joke.

  • toddimus144

    Sure this is not an early April Fools joke?

  • Deejay Jacobson

    I hope this is just a really bad joke it sounds dreadful

  • vk at nyte

    Fuckin stupid. Typical unrelated TV the two Ewok movies.

  • likeyeahwhatever

    “…we would be surprised if he didn’t make a cameo at least as Peter Parker in the first season, given the show’s title and the longstanding contracts detailing exactly that.” Exactly my thoughts on the Marve Disney movies