Nations Dads Call For Calm While PTI Is On


Dads worldwide voiced concern today, regarding potential disturbances during their viewing of PTI.

“Christ, can’t I just have half an hour?” was the rallying cry heard round the world, at 5:30PM EST.

Since debuting in 2001, PTI has served as a central pillar of the Dad community. However, in today’s uncertain times, economic anxiety, secretarian violence, and siblings fighting over who’s turn it is to use the computer, have threatened to disrupt this once peaceful half hour.

“We are a simple people, with simple demands,” said Reg Peyton, a spokesman for the dads. “We are asking you to knock it off for thirty goddamn minutes.” Reg then muttered under his breath for several minutes.

Not everyone sees eye to eye on this issue, however. Kids nationwide have dismissed the sports talk show as “boring”, and insisted the channel be changed.

In addition, prominent moms delivered a stern rebuttal from the dining room. “George, get in here! Dinner is ready! We’re not eating in front of the TV again, we’re going to eat together like a family for once!”

Despite all this, the Dad community remains firm in their resolve. “We can’t just DVR it. By the time we get around to watching it, it’ll be all out of date.” insisted Reg. He was then interrupted by requests to help with math homework, which apparently couldn’t wait until 6. This caused him to miss what Tony Kornheiser had to say about the Spurs.

“Jesus Christ.” Reg muttered. “Some interruptions cannot be pardoned.”