Male Feminist Has Cake, Eats It, Cums on Its Face and Throws It Away


Early Monday morning self-proclaimed male feminist Daniel Rasputin loudly claimed he was a feminist at a local female-run bakery in order to get some free cake. He then reportedly took the take home, destroyed it with the physical act of lovemaking and dominated it by spreading his seed all over it, marking his territory, and immediately threw the cake away later telling friends that the cake was both “crazy” and “kind of a slut.”

Before taking the cake home, and still in the view of others, Daniel told the cake that it was most beautiful cake he’d ever seen, both inside and out, and that other men just didn’t appreciate the cake like he did. He went on to tell the cake that most men just want to eat it but that he would truly cherish it, not merely consume it. The cake was of course both flattered and taken aback by a man so sensitive to a cake’s needs. The cake’s friends were weary of Daniel, they’d seen this kind of tactic before and were not impressed, but the cake could make its own decisions and none of them wanted to be the one that told the cake that it couldn’t have what it wanted. It was the cake’s life, after all.

Once Daniel got the cake home he put on some music, lit a few birthday candles and, after asking permission from the cake, had a small, respectable slice. Once Daniel got a taste for cake, however, he started to go a little overboard.

He started grabbing fistfuls of frosting and rubbing it down the length of his now naked body, using the lemon frosting as a lubricant he made himself just hard enough to penetrate it. Then does.

He then calls the cake a slut, smacks it on its cake ass, without asking if that sort of thing is okay, and cums on its face even though the cake clearly stated that it wasn’t into that sort of thing when he asked. Daniel later claimed that he didn’t hear the cake say that, but the cake knew that he did, he just didn’t care.

After ejaculating onto the cake, Daniel threw it away, declaring it “ruined.” He later told friends that he made the cake cum, so obviously the cake enjoyed itself.