I’m a Trump Supremacist

picture of Donald Trump

By Donald J Trump:

The media has been saying some really nasty things about me. Outright lies. They’re lies. So let me be clear. First and foremost, I’m a Trump supremacist. Then an AMERICA supremacist. Then a white supremacist. Get it right.

And now they want to come after me because my supporters are antisemites. How is that my problem? I don’t force them to believe that stuff or care if they do. Nobody cares! Especially not the bigots, believe me. And I’m doing very well with the bigots. But the media never talks about that.

They’re all just jealous. I was right from the beginning about every issue the American people care about. They 100% want to build a wall, they want to have been against the Iraq war since the beginning, and something about jobs. Fine. Whatever. Make me President and I’ll do whatever. Okay? This isn’t even fun anymore.

And now the moderators are going to ask questions at the debates for the first time ever. It’s rigged. The whole thing is rigged. Sad! I’m sad! Hillary started it! I don’t even want to do this. I never wanted to do this. Who even wants to be President.

No. Get a hold of yourself Donnie. Trump is the best. Trump makes the best deals. Trump puts his name on the best buildings. Trump marries the best wives money can buy. Trump is the supreme. Trump is the grand dragon.

And Trump is going to be President of America. Believe me.