Louis CK Releases New Hour-long Video of Himself Making $20 Million

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock (6907546an) Louis C.K. 10th Anniversary of Stand Up for Heroes, presented by the New York Comedy Festival & Bob Woodruff Foundation, Inside, Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA - 01 Nov 2016

Once one of the funniest stand-up comedians in the world, Louis CK in recent years has instead taken to simply asking for large sums of money, standing on stage in front of cameras and telling people all about the material he has written in the past.

From mocking his children and a new family dog and half-baked ideas about politics to comparing an abortion to going to the bathroom, Louis CK managed to show a sold-out show just what little effort it takes to make $20 million with one night of work. Though most of this audience could never hope to even see $20 million dollars in their entire lifetime, CK will be throwing it onto the pile like it’s nothing by the end of the night, removing all of his clothes and diving in. Friends say he’ll then swim around a little until his flaccid penis ejaculates. Inspiring!

Fans of CK applauded the video as a true return to form for CK, even though they’d praised every one of his specials before this as the next great thing in comedy. The New York Post said, “This is [Louis] CK at his absolute richest.” while The New York Times said, “So rich he can now afford a suit!” and popular mommy blogger Jennifer “Jenbo” Bottney said, “I like how he talks about his kids like he loves them but also like he thinks they’re garbage like nobody has ever done before. That kind of stuff is so funny to me, even though if I were one of his kids I’d probably cut myself. And did you see how rich he looks now? Wow!”

Overall, fans are very pleased with the new video but many can’t wait for CK to return to stand-up comedy, though it seems unlikely given how successful his career of standing around and being rich at people has been.