Lena Dunham to Play Deadpool in Upcoming Sequel


The first film being a hit by all definitions of the word, a sequel to Deadpool was always a matter of when rather than if, but most assumed that a follow-up would also star Ryan Reynolds, being as he was such a huge part of the support of the first film. Sources close to Disney, however, have confirmed with us that the sequel will star none other than Girls star Lena Dunham.

Apparently Reynolds had a bit of a falling out with the director after he was asked to watch his donut while he went to the bathroom and not only ate the donut, but also had intercourse with a very expensive camera rendering it inoperable and then stole the director’s child and used her to prop a window open while he escaped through the bathroom window. While Reynolds later claimed that it was all a prank, he refused to pay for the camera, apologize to the child or, most egregiously, replace the donut.

With Reynolds out of the picture and production already in full swing, Disney had no choice but to recast the part immediately and they saw no better actor to replace Reynolds than Lena Dunham.

Fans of Deadpool should be excited to see Dunham in the role considering the success of some of the huge blockbusters she’s been able to bring a great deal of talent to, such as Tiny Furniture and other ones probably.

Director Tim Miller defends the choice of Dunham,¬†claiming that while the first film was very masculine in tone, the sequel would¬†be more feminine in its approach to storytelling. “The first movie was all about bros bein’ bros and fucking shit up. Blowing up people’s faces and junk and butts and whatnot, but I want the sequel to be a little something different. Something sensual. Something that makes men stop and think about what they’re putting out into the world and if that’s really who they want to be. I want it to be about just how beautiful the vagina, and our relationship to it, can be.”

It’s hard to say how fans of the first film will handle this revelation, but it will be interesting to see. Considering how well people have handled female leads in the past, chances are this is going to go over just fine.