Juggalo Mistakenly Hired to Perform At Children’s Birthday Party


A child’s first birthday party is an event every parent hopes they remember and cherish for the rest of their life. At least it is in most cases. In the case of Matt McDonald, however, his parents hope that his 8th birthday is forgotten as quickly as humanly possible.

It was the boy’s father, Dylan, who was in charge of arranging the entertainment for the afternoon while his mother, Danielle, was charged with corralling the children, making the cake and giving life to some 250 balloons. The balloons, cake and children were accounted for, but unfortunately Dylan forgot to supply the entertainment, which had him scrambling at the last minute to scrounge something up.

Finding professional party clowns on such short notice was proving difficult for Dylan after he tried the driveway, the local Walmart and a bus stop crowded with a good deal of misanthropic youths but finally, while filling up his tank at a local gas station, Dylan overheard some men arguing over who was the better juggler. Dylan was also excited to see that many of them were already wearing facepaint, so they wouldn’t even need time to get into a costume. After asking if their services would be available, he finally got one to follow him home on┬áhis scooter for a large but, under the circumstances, acceptable fee.

Dylan would soon before horrified to discover that the man in question was not a juggler but what many youths call a Juggalo, or fan of the rap/shouting group Insane Clown Posse. Though many parents will undoubtedly believe that he should have realized this when he saw the word “Cunt” written across his face in black marker, or especially when he asked to be introduced as “Fuckhole McNasty”, while you’re in the middle of trying to pull off a successful children’s birthday party, many things tend to get overlooked.

McNasty would eventually be forcefully removed by police after smoking out the bounce house and resting his genitals in an Igloo cooler in front of several of the party goers.