In Response to Backlash, Comedian Claims Comedy Video Was Not Comedy


Last week saw the release of Amy Schumer’s fairly obvious parody of Beyoncé’s  “Formation” video called, “Formation.” This week saw her stepping back from the video, claiming it was not a video parodying the popular Beyoncé track and instead a video covering of it.

A comedian covering a musician’s music video with absolutely zero comedic intentions is of course a time-honored tradition that many comedians from Weird Al Yankovic to the later period Weird Al Yankovic with long, wavy hair have partaken in time and time again. We all remember his classic, non-comedic covers of such classics as “Beat it” and “Another Awful Red Hot Chili Peppers Song.”

Many think that it was unfair for people to be upset with Schumer, finding it unfair to just assume that a comedian doing a cover of a music video starring other comedians is doing it comedicly, especially considering how painfully unfunny the video is. “If this was a male comedian that did a video that was clearly a parody of another video and claimed that it wasn’t a parody of said video but instead just a “celebration of men,” I don’t think there would have been anywhere close to this kind of backlash,” a woman wearing a hat that said ‘Corn Nuts’ said while filling her riding lawnmower at the self-service pump, “Just because she’s a comedian doing a cover of a music video doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s supposed to be funny. I mean, were you laughing? I sure the heck wasn’t!”

Though Beyoncé has come out and said that she in fact approved of the video before release, many people still seem to have a problem with it. “I just don’t see why it exists at all,” a woman eating a soft pretzel with cheese while not offering even a bite to our reporter said on Friday morning. “If it’s not supposed to be comedy, why would this comedian even make it? Did she not have enough attention and felt the need to co-opt someone else’s for the sake of her own vanity or something? Surely that can’t be it, can it? Because if it is that’s just really sad,” the woman then threw what remained of the pretzel, nearly a quarter of it with plenty of cheese to go around, into the nearby garbage without even thinking to ask if we were hungry. “If it wasn’t supposed to be a parody or funny or interesting in any way, why did she even make it? The original seemed perfectly fine to me.”

“I wonder what else in her career has secretly not been comedy? If I’m going by how often she makes me laugh, I’m guessing a great deal.”