I’m Starting To Think That We Just Exacerbate Things


By A Bomb

This is pretty hard for me to say, but I just can’t see a point in history where we really helped anything. I know some would argue WWII and sure, I guess it could have gone a lot worse, but I don’t necessarily think that just because something worked means that it was the best answer. How could killing thousands of innocent people possibly be the best answer? I just don’t think so.

People use things like us bombs because they’re scared. They’re scared of the “bad guys” coming after them and they’re scared of going after them all up close and personal. People have all these crazy ideas about dying. Most of them don’t want to, not like us bombs. We’re cool with it, it’s what we came here to do, but if people hate dying so much, why even make us in the first place? If you don’t want to die, don’t you think that other people don’t want to die either? They probably don’t appreciate you killing them one bit. Especially with something as cold and indiscriminate as a bomb. You aim one of us at something, be ready for everyone in that building to also get whatever your target had coming to them, and maybe in a few buildings over, too. Hell, we might not even hit the right city, depends on which bomb you use. You use Petey, he’s gonna likely find himself at a Children’s Hospital. That sick fuck loves Children’s Hospitals.

Not that there’s any going back now. Once you invented us bombs, we were here to stay. That’s the problem with weapons technology; anything you make today, everyone else is going to have tomorrow. So you’ve gotta stay ahead of the curve. You’ve gotta make sure that your bombs are bigger and better than everyone else’s bombs or you’re going to get bombed. It’s a circle that can never be closed, not until every last person is dead. Or at least every last person that knows how to make a bomb, but you wouldn’t want to bomb them, because then you’d get bombed.

Now Russia finds out that their plane was bombed so they send out bombs of their own. You humans really know how to make enemies, don’t you? How do you think this is all going to shake out for you? Weapons have become so advanced and easy to come by that anyone can get their hands on one. All they need is a garage and Bunsen burner and they’re off. You don’t even need to own a sizable country anymore, you can basically do it with a Jeep and a can of baking powder. You make it easier and easier to kill people, you kill a bunch of people, then you wonder why people keep killing you.

What did you think was going to happen when you started throwing bombs wherever you thought there might be “undesirables”? Did you think that they’d watch everyone they know die and decide to straighten up and fly right? What would you do if your country was constantly being bombed, if you had no quality of life and little hope of any? Would you look at your destroyed homes and say, “Boy, well, lesson learned!” I don’t think that you would. I think, based on every movie I’ve ever seen about humans getting revenge (we bombs love the cinema), you’d probably spend your entire lives enacting a complicated revenge plot, sometimes involving dressing as a bat for some reason, that far exceeds the injustices done to you, because nobody wants to get even, they want to come out on top.

You destroyed their country? They’ll destroy your world.