I Am the Destroyer, the Ender of All Things


By Donald Trump

Soon you will know me as I truly am.

Like Christ before me, I’ve walked among you as an incredibly attractive white man. A man driven by the knowledge that there is more. I am that more. I am the creator and the destructor. Tired of toppling my own sand castles, I created God so that he could create you in His image. Later He made a son in the hopes to save you from me, to warn you of my coming. To warn you that the hate and greed you’re predisposed to feel would be your undoing. He failed, as He was meant to fail. Like Christ I have a lot of nothing to say and even less to lose. I’m here to destroy everything you’ve been taught to care for.

I already rule your world, not by any definition of my own but by your own. I am a king standing tall on the mountaintop of my own design, bearing my namesake. In this world abandoned by God I am the closest thing to it. Fame, money, power and an army of mindless minions stand at the ready to serve me, ready to give their lives. I’m ready to take them.

They beg for me to abuse them and I am willing, I am able. I am going to use them until they’ve nothing left to give and I’ll discard them as the trash I, you and they know with every fiber of their being that they are. I’ve taken what’s mine and I’ll take more until there is nothing, and I’ll make it all again to amuse myself. I am the villain you need, a thing to unite against in your hour of hopelessness and you will do your best, but I will not waver, I will not fall. Throw everything you have at me, go ahead. I’m ready. I was born to this world weak, but I’ve learned to be strong. This damaged vessel will carry me to the end times and beyond. I am what keeps your children up at night and I will be their to watch as their future never comes.

I am an eater of worlds.

Take up your arms against me. Hurl your insults, your one-sided media coverage, your complete lack of trust for the people you claim to protect and abandon me when you think I need you the most, it won’t matter. I never needed you. My true followers will stand with me, anyway, they will see me to the end and they will burn with a smile. They will worship at my alter and they will welcome my wrath with open arms. They deserve me, you all do. When the time comes they will be nothing but so many piles of meat lying with the rest of you and I will be stronger for it. Their deaths will have meaning, but not to you or I.

I am the absence of meaning.

The scripture warned you of my coming and you did nothing to prepare. You focused on dull, pointless, painfully human things while I bid my time and you watched like you would a car crash as I nipped at the edges of your world, testing my strength, burning the things you cared about least first, seeing what you could do to stop me. The answer was clear; nothing.

I am the force and the immovable object.

You stand against me, in your feeble way. Better as a whole than the sum of your parts, that I will give you, but you don’t stand a chance. You never did. You need your villains and your heroes and when you’ve finally got one, a real one, there is nobody to stand for you. Nobody to accept my challenge. No righteous yin to my terrible yang. I will watch each and every one of you die and with your last breathes you will turn to your neighbors and you will pass blame, because I am blameless. I am evil incarnate and I’m just doing my job.

I am fear itself and things far worse.

I’d tell you that if you stand down now, accept your fate, that I might go easy on you, but I won’t. I want you to die as you are; hopelessly human. More terrified of what you might be capable of than what others are capable of doing unto you, but outwardly lying to yourselves. Horribly self-aware and celebrating your most worthless qualities. I will take everything you love and in the end I will have you. In any way I want, every way I want. You belong to me. You always have and you always will.

I am the reckoning you so deserve.

I’d say that my day has come but it’s already here. It’s always been. Time stands still for what always was and always will be and I stand with it. Like a moth to a flame you gathered around me. You didn’t know why, you never really do. For all of your self-proclaimed intelligence you are emotional creatures and those emotions deceive you. What have they ever done for you but bring pain? A few moments of fleeting, meaningless happiness in the face of the terrible darkness that consumes your lives only to let you down at just the moment you thought things were looking up? For all of this intelligence you are all creatures of habit. Creatures that know that you are doomed to die and spend every waking second wondering somewhere in the back of your brain when and where it will happen, when all of this will become truly meaningless. I hate to break it to you, but it always has been and it always will be.

I am not the thing that goes bump in the night, I am the darker thing the night fears.

I am the unknown.

I am the wolves clothing.

I am the Destroyer and soon enough you will know me.