Gamers Wonder: Will The New Zelda Have A Fun Little Flute This Time?

Since 1986, generations of Legend of Zelda fans have been enthralled by the adventures of a little cartoon elf boy and his fairy friends. With the upcoming release of the latest installment Breath Of The Wild looming, gamers are wondering one thing: What fun little instrument will Link the elf boy make jaunty tunes with?


By giving Link a blue dress instead of a green dress, and taking away his cute floppy hat, Nintendo has shown they’re not afraid to take risks with their long running series. But what about the fun little magic songs he plays? Will they take those away too? Gamers hope not.

Since the beginning, the Hero Of Time carried around a little flute to play magic songs In the first two games, it helped made a big mean monsters turn tiny and disappear. In A Link To The Past, when Link gets lonely, he can play his flute to make his duck friend come visit.

The Nintendo 64 era of Zelda was the peak of the little magic flute. Given the fancy name “Ocarina”, the magic flute could now play different songs while the little elf boy and his fairy friend swayed back and forth. These magic little tunes could make the sun shine, make time slow down, or just make a scarecrow do a fun dance!


After this, the magical flute didn’t appear in Zelda games. In WindWaker, Link could fancifully wave a little stick in the air, and make the wind itself play music. In Twilight Princess, when Link turned into a wolf he could sing. Finally, in Skyward Sword, Link played a harp while a robot fairy sang him songs.

This brings us to Breath Of The Wild. No gameplay footage has shown Link singing or playing any fun little tunes so far. Will he get to? Only time will tell, but for now, gamers all over want their little elf boy to be reunited with his magic flute.