‘Fallout 4’ Developers Say Game Does Not Give Players Any Advantages Surviving Apocalypse, Life


While millions of people around the world have been playing Fallout 4 for the past month or so, they might be disappointed to hear that while it’s the most technically impressive game in the series and gives a sense of being in a living, breathing world better than any Fallout before it, the game still fails to give any real-world skills to the players for dealing with anything that might come up in a present or post-apocalypse scenario, such as scrounging for food or killing an attractive female’s mating partner and taking his place as the head of a rather large household. Not to mention the way the game drops the ball entirely when it comes to every day life skills in modern civilization.

Playing Fallout 4 isn’t going to teach you anything about trying to keep radiation out of the village’s water supply anymore than it’s going to teach you about how to deal with rejection from that girl you like when she inevitably tells you that she doesn’t date people that wear those kinds of sneakers, she dates people that wear better kinds of sneakers and you should have known better. You would have known better, maybe, had you not been wasting your time playing a video game about surviving in a made-up hellscape and instead better invested your time reading up on some sort of dating manual or a trickster’s guide to swindling a woman into bedding you.

You will learn nothing of the ways of the business world. Neither the stocks nor the bonds will make any sense to you and when you’re lowered into the ground it won’t be with one of those cool crane harness things. You’ll just be rolled in naked out of a pick-up after dark because you died how you lived; poor and alone.

At least you’ll know everything there is to know about Nuka Cola.