Edgy New Board Game Just Some Cards With Swear Words On Them

fuck box
Board game manufacturer Game Time has introduced an edgy new party game, which they hope will compete with such popular titles as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. Fuck Shit Holocaust, is a pack of cards with swear words, slurs and sensitive topics printed on them, and no further instructions.

“Board game players are growing up, and it’s up to us to grow with them.” said Game Time executive Brad Miller. “Charades, Scattegories, these are so yesterday, and for babies. Young people today want edgy adult games, that boil down to just saying swear words.”

Copies of Fuck Shit Holocaust have been flying off the shelves, according to game store owner Stephanie Poole. “Cards [Against Humanity] and [Exploding] Kittens are great, but people find them too complicated. Fuck Shit [Holocaust] isn’t like that. There’s no boring waiting around for a turn. You just read swear words at each other.”

Pictured, all the games you could buy instead.

Pictured, all the games you could buy instead.

Customer Mike Green agreed. “I’ve got a totally twisted sense of humor, so this game is definitely for me. It’s so politically incorrect, I love it!” Green went on to draw three cards at random, and read them aloud. “Dog shit, Hitler, big black cock!” he yelled. Everyone in the store laughed.

“See? This game is the best. Can’t wait to have some drinks and play with my buddies.” he said, then adding “9/11, farting, titty fuck!” The store once again erupted in laughter.

According to Brad Miller, while there is no time limit in Fuck Shit Holocaust, average playtime lasts around three hours. However, due to the sheer number of bad words, the combinations are nearly limitless.

“After we listed all the main swears, we had about 30 cards. Not enough for a whole game. So, we followed in the example of those who came before us, and included some vaguely sexist, and racist things, to make players feel truly ‘un-PC’. Better not play with grandma!” said Miller. “Plus one or two about babies dying, everyone knows that’s edgy. See? Shitty ass, a dead hooker, SIDS, 69! Now that’s a fun board game night!”

As of press time, the hot new ‘adults only’ board game has broken all sales records, and one of your friends has already invited you over to play this weekend.