Dixie Chicks Accused of Plagiarizing 7th Grader’s Trump Portrait


The Dixie Chicks surprised no one this week when they began their tour with a backdrop depicting Donald Trump as having “devil horns” and facial hair that is clearly not grown natively on the Presidential hopeful’s face. While the photograph was on par for the general tone of the Dixie Chicks past, present and future political allegiances, most didn’t think twice about it. Brad Danelaw of White Bear Lake, Minnesota has seen that picture before. Specifically when he was drawing it.

“I knew right away that it was my piece,” Brad said while dying the tips of his hair black, the roots blonde and leaving the middle a dull brownish-red, “The horns, the mustache, even the part that’s under the mustache, whatever you call that. You know, when it doesn’t connect? I don’t know, not super familiar with facial hair over here. I’m only in 7th grade.”

While Mr. Danelaw agrees politically with the Dixie Chicks, he’s not a very big fan of either their music or their plagiarism of his piece.

“I don’t slave away all of history class drawing in my spiral ring notebook just to see my shit jacked by people that could easily have their own artwork commissioned, maybe even, I dunno, pay someone for their work?” Mr. Danelaw said while carving an incredibly homophobic poem into one of our desks right in front of us, “You’ve got to show people a little respect is all I’m saying. It’s not as if I’m out there drawing one of their songs into my notebook and pretending like I own it. I mean, Zeppelin or something, sure, but not them. They suck.”

“Well, that’s not fair. I’m just not into country music, I guess. I just mostly listen to new Radiohead and whatever computer Trent Reznor has been torturing lately.”

When we asked Mr. Danelaw if he would be persuing legal action, he replied, “I barely even know what that means, dude. I just think Donald Trump seems like a weenie so I gave him devil horns and some dumb facial hair. That’s about as far as I thought this out.”

“Apparently some grown women thought my drawing was pretty edgy and cool, and that’s nice and everything, but I wish they’d have given me a little credit. I failed two tests drawing that thing.”