Army Buys Six Bullets With Money Saved From Not Having To Pay Transgender Medical Bills

WASHINGTON, DC– Early Wednesday afternoon Trump made the announcement via Twitter that he would be banning transgender people from the military citing medical costs as the key reason for the decision and they, with their newfound savings, bought six middle-of-the-line bullets.

Reaction around the country has been mixed. Many people believe that this ban, like most bans excluding a group of people simply because of who they are, is unjust and just a homophobic political move to cow tow to the Republicans that put the President into office while others believe transgender people to be subhuman and undeserving to die in the sand, or mud, or whatever kind of dirt the next war will surely be fought on.

Some seem unswayed either way by Trump’s sometimes rash moves.

“I stand by President Trump,” said one Ohio resident, Tabb Whitman. “I don’t like a lot of what Trump does or says or motions towards with a grunt, but he’s our President and that means something to me. It used to mean more, sure, but it still has to mean something. Doesn’t it? Oh, who the hell knows. I’ve gotta be honest with you; I’m more wrong than I am right. They really shouldn’t let me vote.”

Hey then went on to say that he was, however, excited to see how they used the bullets.

Those that have not been fans of the Trump Presidency certainly weren’t swayed with this newest proclamation, either.

“I remember when George Bush was President, like, when I was ten, and I everyone was saying that he was the worst President that we would ever have, and I always thought that was crazy. Of course there are going to be worse Presidents. You just forgot what it was like to have a Republican in office. I knew it was ridiculous of them to think he would be the worst when I was ten,” said Tamathy Diprenner, “Now that I’m 26, I know that Trump is going to be the worst President we will ever have.”

Whatever you think of Trump’s decision, it’s disgusting and should be punishable by death.