AMA Study Attributes 173 Deaths to Dr. Ken Jeong Leaving Medicine For Comedy


You know him as Dr. Ken, star of the hit ABC show Dr. Ken. But did you know that Dr. Ken is an actuallicensed Medical Doctor? The Hangover, Hangover Part II, and Hangover Part III star earned his medical degree in 1995. For years Dr. Ken was a practicing physician with a single motto: “medicine is the best medicine.” After appearing in Knocked Up as a funny doctor, he left to pursue a career in laughter.

Dr. Ken has said it was the best decision he’s ever made. A recent American Medical Study concluded that there are 173 corpses who would disagree. The study also found 5 people in a coma due to complications Dr. Ken could have prevented. Their families can only pray that ABC’s Dr. Ken gets cancelled soon so the real Dr. Ken can get back to a hospital and save their lives.

The study also concluded that there was a 78% chance that Dr. Ken would have cured cancer after physicianing for 32 years. The study’s lead author, Dr. Stephen Notken, offered a ray of hope. “There’s still a chance that Dr. Ken will continue to play Dr. Ken on Dr. Ken until there’s an episode where Dr. Ken cures cancer. Then, because Dr. Ken is such an amazing actor, he will rehearse by actually curing cancer.”

The countless patients that were harmed or became ill without the medical advice of Dr. Ken will have to settle for using his humor as an escape from the unbearable pain. Ironically enough, one of the 173 victims of Dr. Ken’s success is Jim Jimson. Jimson was a huge fan of Community before succumbing to a diarrhea-related suicide that Dr. Ken could’ve stopped.

Sgary Proquat, Klimberly Brotchka, Tupper “Toop” Jimothy – just a few of the dead people that can’t watch Dr. Ken, Fridays at 8:30 on ABC.