Alt Right Teen, Senile Grandpa Form Tight Bond

MADISON, WI – 17 year old Roger McAvoy has formed a tight bond with his senile 90 year old grandfather, since joining the alt-right movement, family sources report.

In addition to actively posting on online forums, such as Reddit and 4chan, Roger has begun having deep conversations with Ezra, his mentally ill grandfather on a regular basis.

“Dad’s mental faculties aren’t what they used to be,” says Roger’s father, Dale. “Some days he just sits in his rocking chair, talking to himself all day long. It’s so nice of Roger to spend so much time with him.”

“Grandpa’s the only one who really gets it.” says Roger. “The government needs to stay out of our business, women need to learn their place, and someone needs to check the stove! If that triggers any snowflakes, they can go kiss a duck, doggone it!”

The hours-long conversations, which are only remembered by Roger, have become fodder for his tautologous online posts.

“Grandpa spouted off for about an hour about so-called feminists yesterday. I posted the full transcript in a Donald Trump Facebook group, and it got 500 likes!” said Roger.

“Roger and Ezra face similar social challenges.” explains sociologist Dr. Melissa Nostrand. “They both express their feelings of isolation and not being heard by shouting at whoever is nearby. Plus, they both wore fedoras to school.”

The pair’s views on feminism, racism, conspiracies, and [Roger’s cousin] Steve’s “girlish” haircut, have caught the attention of the conservative media.

“We’re always looking for old white men to just spout off for hours.” said Rebel Media owner Ezra LeVant. “And if there’s a teenager to share it on Facebook for us, that’s all the better.”

The newfound friendship is not without detractors. “Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s nice that Roger is spending so much time with his grandfather, and it’s cute that they want to start a little business” said Roger’s mother, Kate. “But, he’s just always around the house since [Roger’s first girlfriend] Rebecca broke up with him. I think he’d be a lot happier if he just got out more.”

This notion was condemned by Roger and Ezra as “Globalist horse-hockey.”