Alienated Audience Member Had Not Seen This, Had Not Heard About This


During a local comedy show, famed comedian Chet Buckley repeatedly asked audience members if they had seen or heard about a popular study that had been in the news. Though the comedian continued as if everyone in that audience had indeed seen and heard about the study, audience member Krimp Wipple had not only not seen it, he’d also not heard about it, making him feel completely out of the loop.

Though the comedian did paraphrase the study making it easier for people not familiar to understand, Krimp felt he was still not getting the full experience that his fellow audience members were getting who had seen and heard about this. “I don’t get why they even ask,” he said after the show, “He looked directly at me when asking, I shook my head no and he continued on with the joke anyway. He didn’t give a shit if I’d seen it or heard about it. These Hollywood phonies are so full of it.”

“To be completely honest,” Krimp said in one of a series of disgruntled Facebook status updates following the show, “the study wasn’t even that important for the joke. In the end it was just about his dick getting caught in a toaster. I don’t need to see or hear about shit to get a joke like that, so what’s with the games? I didn’t go to a comedy show to feel stupid for not reading enough studies, I came to get drunk while someone told me about some stuff about his penis and in the case of lady comedians, penises they’ve encountered in the wild.”

While Krimp did stay for the whole show, he only did so because he’d come with friends who had driven.