Why I Wish I’d Never Done Stand-up Comedy in Minneapolis


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    I have to believe this is probably present throughout the comedy scene anywhere you go. Several people I know who believe themselves funny enough to do this sort of thing are exactly as portrayed, thinking it’s hilarious or clever but it’s really not. You can only drunkenly revel in dysfunction for so long. It’s a lot of chaff, and if you’re the kind of person in the scene that recognizes that, you might be the kind of person that finds a way to really stand apart and kill it up there.

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    Dag, I feel bad kinda reading this, sorry for your experience man, crazy, there are still some good comics out here yo…………not sure who you met, but let me punch em int he face for you……Don’t let it stop you, it’s just like a relationship, you will meet some douche but don’t let that stop your love.